A Knowledgeable Employee is a Safe Employee

Every employee ideally knows everything what their job duty entails. They will also typically know their way around the facility, where to park, and basic rules, such as breaks, lunch time rules, workplace etiquette, etc.

However, it is not common for workers to know all of the safety aspects of their position. This does not present a major problem in some jobs because the risk of injury for either staff or members of the public is minimal. This is not, however, the case with certain professions where a mistake by a worker can cause significant harm to that person, co-workers, or others in the area. This can result in injury, death, and tremendous harm to a worker’s family. There may also be significant legal ramifications that can seriously harm a company’s reputation.

One way to improve this situation is through WHMIS training WHMIS stands for the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. It was designed to teach workers about the possible dangers they could face on the job. This is important because there are aspects of a workplace that might be outside the immediate scope of an employee’s job. However, that doesn’t mean these individuals might not come into contact with any of the dangers not in their area. Also, if an emergency should occur, workers need to know how to react in a manner that is correct, is the most effective in preventing further injury, and provides the best response for those whose lives are already in danger.

Online WHMIS training is available or you can receive instruction via classes and seminars. Whatever method you choose, WHMIS is very important for workers in particular industries. A worker’s safety is their responsibility, but it is important to never forget how one’s actions can also impact the wellbeing of others.